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Bomb Bonz Nicotine Salts 10ml

Bomb Bonz Nicotine Salts 10ml
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Bomb Bonz Nicotine Salts 10ml

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Bomb Bonz has taken their four almighty sweet flavours and has formulated Bomb Bonz Salt! Now combined with nicotine salts to provide maximum strength and satisfaction. Available in 10ml bottles containing either 10mg/ml or 20mg/ml of salt based nicotine e-liquid.

Blue Raspberry Bon Bons by Bomb Bonz features a massive hit of super fresh ripe blue raspberries richly sprinkled with sweet sugar. Bomb Bonz created this combination to provide the perfect mix of flavour and vapour. With a 40%VG and 60%PG ratio to provide you with the best tasting experience possible.

Strawberry Bon Bons by Bomb Bonz features the delicious and succulent flavours that you've come to love since first ever tucking into those delightfully chewy sensations!

Toffee Bon Bons by Bomb Bonz is the traditional sugar-coated dusty toffee treat, the ultimate reminder of childhood days.

Lemon Bon Bons by Bomb Bonz features a deliciously citrus punch and proves to be a great rendition of this all-time favourite sweet!

  •   Nicotine salt e-liquids are a new innovation offering faster nicotine delivery and a smoother overall vape, without the harshness associated with traditional e-liquids at high nicotine strengths. A great alternative for smokers making the switch to vaping.e


10ml of 10mg or 20mg ml nicotine salt e-liquid

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1x 10ml

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